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Boardroom series at Deloitte

The Deloitte LLP offices are located in a high rise in downtown Winnipeg. As a matter of fact, we were told that it’s one of the only two offices in Winnipeg with 360-degree view. We received a warm welcome from Dale Camuyong upon arrival at their office. Dale works as a Business Analyst to Human Capital for Deloitte and was very pivotal in helping us arrange the boardroom event.



The boardroom offered the best view of Winnipeg and all of us were fascinated by the marvellous sight. We all introduced ourselves and as it turned out that Dale himself received his Bachelor of Commerce from Asper. We were also joined by Michelle Marion who was the Technology Lead, as well as Corrine and Alexis who are working as consultants at Deloitte.



The session was open for Q& A as Dale explained the working model of Deloitte which focuses on increasing efficiency through its consulting practices and the integrated structure of the organization. The company in recent years has focused on increasing its capabilities and in doing so they have become in integrating with other Deloitte locations. Because of this initiative, if the Winnipeg office is short of a resource or a skill, they might get that from their offices across the globe, leading to overall increased efficiency.

The questions raised were mainly focused towards the work culture and the positions that they are looking to fill. Everyone present from Deloitte praised the amazing flexibility of work and the work life balance at Deloitte. They did inform us about the two Business Analyst positions that they are currently recruiting for in the department of Human Capital. Michelle expanded that how Deloitte is focusing currently on Cloud technology and lot of emphasis is being given to increase consulting practices within this industry.

When talking about applying for jobs at Deloitte, some of the things that the company is looking for while hiring was a 3 – 3.5GPA. Dale stressed upon our group that the extra activities that we engage in beyond academics is a key thing that the hiring managers look upon while hiring.


The session was closed by Sangeet Bhatia who is the Managing Partner at Deloitte, Winnipeg. She gave us the insights about the role of Internet of Things (IoT) and that how Deloitte is keen to leverage it for its consulting practices in the future.

The boardroom series and the interaction with the staff from Deloitte helped me understand how the different teams within the organization work closely to ultimately provide the premium services to their clients. Overall, it was a great and fun learning experience that gave me an opportunity to expedite business and functional knowledge about the company.



MBA Games 2017 Live Stream


Hi everyone,

 If you wanted to cheer on your Asper MBA team on at the 2017 MBA Games but aren’t able to attend in person, you now will be able to view all events live! Stream of Consciousness has partnered with the MBA Games to provide live streaming of all major competition events.

 For a minimum donation of $2, you can access all live streamed events. All funds raised will go towards the Moosehide campaign, which is raising funds and awareness in support of the “Safe Space, Safe Place” Initiative. This university-based initiative is designed to support mobilization, particularly among men, against violence towards Aboriginal women and children. The organization is also supporting direct action to increase the safety for women on campus.

 The more live stream registrations affiliated to the Asper MBA program, the greater the chance our team will win bonus competition points – so make a donation and make sure to tune in!

 To register, please visit this link:

 Thank you

Boardroom series at IBEX Payroll

Upon entering the reception area of IBEX Payroll, we were greeted with a friendly welcome and quickly noticed a sign welcoming each of the MBA students that were attending the Boardroom Series. CEO Darryl Stewart greeted us and opted to begin the visit with a discussion about the backstory of IBEX, after which we would have a tour of the offices.

After hearing about the individual background of each of the students, Darryl began to tell us the story of IBEX. Sitting beside him on the boardroom table was a stack of books, and as Darryl described different highlights of the company’s history he would explain to us how these books had impacted himself and the company at that time. In sharing the details of the journey, he reiterated something that we have heard throughout the MBA program, which is the importance of having a strong business strategy.

The tour of the IBEX offices allowed us to further understand how the different teams within the company work together to ultimately provide thbe best service they can for their clients. Throughout the different areas, status monitors allow the staff (also known as “The Herd”) to monitor real-time activity of what they are working on. Everyone comes together for a quick morning meeting, and this type of information sharing is just one of the ways that IBEX makes sure their clients are receiving great service and using a great product.

Some of Darryl’s book recommendations, which he encourages all MBA students to read, include the following titles:

  • Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne
  • First Break all the Rules by Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman
  • Scaling Up by Verne Harnish

Asper MBAs kick off the case competition circuit in Halifax

One of the highlights of any MBA program is being able to participate in competitions that take place annually across North America. To kick off the 2016/17 case competition circuit, your Asper team spent last weekend in Halifax, at the Dalhousie Ethics in Action competition.

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-06 at 12.00.26.jpeg

The Ethics in Action conference, which ran from November 3rd to 5th, was an opportunity to use many of the academic skills learned in the classroom and to apply them to a real-life scenario, in a high-pressure competition format. The competition included two individual cases – one prepared case, with details provided ten days in advance, and an unprepared case, where the team had to create a solution to a business problem and present it to a panel of judges within three hours, with no access to the Internet or external resources.

“One of the most challenging things about this competition is how much information we need to fit into a short presentation,” said participant Oscar Kang. “For the unprepared case, we had only three hours, one computer and four people to create a solution that would work in the real world. You have to work together to create a recommendation for the company, and make sure you can present and defend it with the judges.”

This was the first time that the Asper School participated in the Ethics in Action competition, where cases were analysed using an ethical framework lens. With many schools contributing a diversity of ideas and solutions, it was Dalhousie’s own MBA team that successfully defended their title this year. However, the greatest value from the weekend for the Asper team came from learning how to work together as a team in high-pressure situations to achieve concrete results.

“We worked so well together all weekend, and our friendships are all now even closer,” stated Oscar. “This competition was one of my favourite parts of the MBA program so far because I learned a lot about business, as well as about myself and everyone else on my team.”

Asper students will be representing the MBA school at many other case competitions this year, where the team will look to build on its stellar performance of previous years and to continue to build on the momentum it has already begun to realize over the past few months.WhatsApp Image 2016-11-06 at 12.04.08.jpeg

“Halifax was just the beginning,” said Oscar. “With our knowledge and support from the program, who knows how much we can achieve. It will be a good year, and I am looking forward to it.”

Boardroom Series at PEG Beer Co.

As I entered the very quaint PEG Beer Co., located at the corner of Pacific Ave in the heart of the Exchange District, the owner Nicole Berry welcomed me with warmth and vigor. My initial reaction after catching just a glimpse of a 3500 sq. ft. space was pleasantly surprising. The pub had an interior that was true and naked: exposed brick walls, candles in mason jars, and wooden furniture with an antique yet contemporary feel to it.

The rest of the MBAs and I proceeded to introduce ourselves to our host. Nicole took us through her journey of how she had started PEG just a year and half ago, bringing in capital from her buy-in at a previous company she partnered at along with some debt financing. She provided us with insights on the hurdles she had faced during the entirety of the project and also discussed her motivations and purpose to become an entrepreneur. After a short Q&A which gave us a deeper sense of the risks and rewards associated with being an entrepreneur, we were given a tour of the brewery by the pub’s master brewer. We were taken through the whole process of brewing, also known as “grain to glass”, which was quite interesting, especially since all of us were beer drinkers.




The story behind PEG Brew Co. stuck with me. Everything about the place had a personal meaning and sentiment attached to it, which I thought was very fascinating. For example, their Rye Ale “Marilyn” beer was named after the owner’s grandma, and was concocted because her grandma loved rye. Overall, a truly refreshing experience especially as we got to sample their beer and hear their story!

-Keya Gaglani





Associates Networking Event Recap: Protecting Against Cyber Security Risks

On September 21, Asper MBA students were invited to the Fort Garry Hotel to participate in an Associates Industry Event, discussing the current state of cyber security and how Canadian businesses need to prepare to face security threats in the future.

As always, events hosted by the Associates provided more than an insightful speech and Q&A session; the social side of the event was an opportunity for Asper students to network directly with some of Winnipeg’s most distinguished businesspeople, active in the cyber security field and beyond. Wednesday’s event saw more than 40 people in attendance – providing an excellent chance for fellow students to network in person!

aMBAsa’s Director of External Relations Nicole Peloquin was in attendance at the event and used the opportunity to inform herself about best practices she can implement into her current work online strategy, sharing that “as someone who is involved in decisions regarding security, this was a great reminder to me of what I need to take into account when making a decision.”

Both of the evening’s presenters provided an opportunity to better understand the cyber security industry by providing insider knowledge of best practices and remedies that any business will require in order to protect their online data. Diana Kelley and Chris Poulin, both industry specialists who work at IBM, provided some information and precautionary strategies that all businesses need to consider:

  • Only 50% of security breaches stem from criminal or malicious attacks; many breaches come from inside a company due to either employee or system error.
  • Employees may not have the knowledge to understand whether they are potentially committing a breach.
  • If software or operating systems are not properly patched an updated, the resulting system glitches can cause a breach.
  • In order to mitigate these risks, ensure you have properly trained your employees and ensured they understand the system in order to keep your data (and your customers’ data) out of the wrong hands.

Nicole came away with a strong impression of what the risks associated with not keeping all a company’s staff informed of cyber security risks. “We need to remind ourselves not to be naïve,” she said, “Security threats are happening here, in our businesses and in our homes.”

Keep your eyes open for the next Associates event – MBA students should mark that date in their calendar and prepare for an informative and fun evening of networking!