Boardroom series at Deloitte

The Deloitte LLP offices are located in a high rise in downtown Winnipeg. As a matter of fact, we were told that it’s one of the only two offices in Winnipeg with 360-degree view. We received a warm welcome from Dale Camuyong upon arrival at their office. Dale works as a Business Analyst to Human Capital for Deloitte and was very pivotal in helping us arrange the boardroom event.



The boardroom offered the best view of Winnipeg and all of us were fascinated by the marvellous sight. We all introduced ourselves and as it turned out that Dale himself received his Bachelor of Commerce from Asper. We were also joined by Michelle Marion who was the Technology Lead, as well as Corrine and Alexis who are working as consultants at Deloitte.



The session was open for Q& A as Dale explained the working model of Deloitte which focuses on increasing efficiency through its consulting practices and the integrated structure of the organization. The company in recent years has focused on increasing its capabilities and in doing so they have become in integrating with other Deloitte locations. Because of this initiative, if the Winnipeg office is short of a resource or a skill, they might get that from their offices across the globe, leading to overall increased efficiency.

The questions raised were mainly focused towards the work culture and the positions that they are looking to fill. Everyone present from Deloitte praised the amazing flexibility of work and the work life balance at Deloitte. They did inform us about the two Business Analyst positions that they are currently recruiting for in the department of Human Capital. Michelle expanded that how Deloitte is focusing currently on Cloud technology and lot of emphasis is being given to increase consulting practices within this industry.

When talking about applying for jobs at Deloitte, some of the things that the company is looking for while hiring was a 3 – 3.5GPA. Dale stressed upon our group that the extra activities that we engage in beyond academics is a key thing that the hiring managers look upon while hiring.


The session was closed by Sangeet Bhatia who is the Managing Partner at Deloitte, Winnipeg. She gave us the insights about the role of Internet of Things (IoT) and that how Deloitte is keen to leverage it for its consulting practices in the future.

The boardroom series and the interaction with the staff from Deloitte helped me understand how the different teams within the organization work closely to ultimately provide the premium services to their clients. Overall, it was a great and fun learning experience that gave me an opportunity to expedite business and functional knowledge about the company.



One thought on “Boardroom series at Deloitte

  1. It was a pleasure to have you visit! Looking forward to the next opportunity to work with the Asper MBA Students’ Association.

    – Dale


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