Boardroom Series at PEG Beer Co.

As I entered the very quaint PEG Beer Co., located at the corner of Pacific Ave in the heart of the Exchange District, the owner Nicole Berry welcomed me with warmth and vigor. My initial reaction after catching just a glimpse of a 3500 sq. ft. space was pleasantly surprising. The pub had an interior that was true and naked: exposed brick walls, candles in mason jars, and wooden furniture with an antique yet contemporary feel to it.

The rest of the MBAs and I proceeded to introduce ourselves to our host. Nicole took us through her journey of how she had started PEG just a year and half ago, bringing in capital from her buy-in at a previous company she partnered at along with some debt financing. She provided us with insights on the hurdles she had faced during the entirety of the project and also discussed her motivations and purpose to become an entrepreneur. After a short Q&A which gave us a deeper sense of the risks and rewards associated with being an entrepreneur, we were given a tour of the brewery by the pub’s master brewer. We were taken through the whole process of brewing, also known as “grain to glass”, which was quite interesting, especially since all of us were beer drinkers.




The story behind PEG Brew Co. stuck with me. Everything about the place had a personal meaning and sentiment attached to it, which I thought was very fascinating. For example, their Rye Ale “Marilyn” beer was named after the owner’s grandma, and was concocted because her grandma loved rye. Overall, a truly refreshing experience especially as we got to sample their beer and hear their story!

-Keya Gaglani






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