Associates Networking Event Recap: Protecting Against Cyber Security Risks

On September 21, Asper MBA students were invited to the Fort Garry Hotel to participate in an Associates Industry Event, discussing the current state of cyber security and how Canadian businesses need to prepare to face security threats in the future.

As always, events hosted by the Associates provided more than an insightful speech and Q&A session; the social side of the event was an opportunity for Asper students to network directly with some of Winnipeg’s most distinguished businesspeople, active in the cyber security field and beyond. Wednesday’s event saw more than 40 people in attendance – providing an excellent chance for fellow students to network in person!

aMBAsa’s Director of External Relations Nicole Peloquin was in attendance at the event and used the opportunity to inform herself about best practices she can implement into her current work online strategy, sharing that “as someone who is involved in decisions regarding security, this was a great reminder to me of what I need to take into account when making a decision.”

Both of the evening’s presenters provided an opportunity to better understand the cyber security industry by providing insider knowledge of best practices and remedies that any business will require in order to protect their online data. Diana Kelley and Chris Poulin, both industry specialists who work at IBM, provided some information and precautionary strategies that all businesses need to consider:

  • Only 50% of security breaches stem from criminal or malicious attacks; many breaches come from inside a company due to either employee or system error.
  • Employees may not have the knowledge to understand whether they are potentially committing a breach.
  • If software or operating systems are not properly patched an updated, the resulting system glitches can cause a breach.
  • In order to mitigate these risks, ensure you have properly trained your employees and ensured they understand the system in order to keep your data (and your customers’ data) out of the wrong hands.

Nicole came away with a strong impression of what the risks associated with not keeping all a company’s staff informed of cyber security risks. “We need to remind ourselves not to be naïve,” she said, “Security threats are happening here, in our businesses and in our homes.”

Keep your eyes open for the next Associates event – MBA students should mark that date in their calendar and prepare for an informative and fun evening of networking!



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